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Water Conservation

All homes in the Drake Landing development, even those that are not solar heated are required to abide by The Town of Okotoks water stewardship measures. All homes will have (6L/flush) low consumption toilets, ultra low flow (7.5 L/min) showerheads, (4 L/min) bathroom faucets, and (6 L/min) kitchen faucets. All hot and most cold water lines will be insulated. Larger homes where the distance from the hot water tank to the furthest hot water tap exceeds 36 feet will be required to have a recirculation pump. Homebuilders are even required to supply an Energy Star®, low water consumption clothes washer and dishwasher. Exterior water conservation is augmented with a rain barrel, supplied for plant watering, incorporated into the one eavestrough downspout. Extra topsoil depth will be supplied to maintain moisture longer for landscaping needs and an outdoor tap timer in place to help forgetful users.

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